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Floating Oyster Tumbler

Floating Oyster Tumbler

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  • Product description: We supply high quality floating oyster tumbler,grow out tumblers.

TAONI Floating Oyster Tumbler is perfect for growing oyster spat from 3 mm to fully grown oysters.

The mainly mesh size of the oyster tumbler are 3mm,and 8mm and 12mm,and even bigger.

3mm oyster tumbler                                                                     8mm oyster tumbler

Our floating Oyster tumbler has the unique design to make the oyster grow into a uniform shape and increases the growth rate in the early stages of growing from a spat to an adult oyster.

With the waves,the oyster tumbler shakes the oysters to keep them clean,and grow into the uniform and standard shape.And it also help the oysters grow faster and better.The door of the cap is perfect design,and no oysters will escape from the oyster tumbler.

It also reduces the risk of over catch and fowling reducing the work load.

What's the progress of growing oysters in the oyster tumbler?

Filling the small spats of 1 centemeter..would somewhere around 1000,
In 3 months they double in size ..
So have to split them into two oyster tumblers again ..
So now 500 spat into two tumblers ..
3 months oysters have double in size again ..
Split into now 4 tumblers..of 250 


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