• Oyster Bag Float
Oyster Bag Float

Oyster Bag Float

  • Product description: We Taoni supply the good material oyster bag float,600mm long,700mm long and 800mm long oyster basket float.

HDPE Black air-filled Float

Material:100% new  UV resistant HDPE.

Size:400mm,600mm, 800mm.


TAONI float is very popular in the USA and Canada,and now is more and more popular in the European market. Its advantage is that it can't be broken by the seabird,or terrible storm weather. And it works well in the 3~5 meters deep water. and and the float won't escape from the bag,as there are the grooves to prevent it from escaping.

Connecting TAONI float with the oyster bags by cable ties or rubber bands, you can have your own floating oyster bag very easily. Floating bag makes the oysters growing faster and cleaner.And it is 100% suitable for the seapa baskets.

Your own floating oyster bag

We also have the heavy-duty float,and it is 100% matches the Seapa oyster baskets

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