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  • Sealed Oyster Bags
Sealed Oyster BagsSealed Oyster Bags

Sealed Oyster Bags

  • Product description: TAONI supplies good quanlity sealed oyster bag,one end sealed oyster mesh bags.

The Sealed oyster bag is made of extruded HDPE tube mesh.One end of the pre-cutted oyster mesh bag is sealed by 2cm wide plastic bar,leaving the other end is open.The other end can be  closed with hooks with rubber band or lanyard,clips, and PVC pipes.

The standard Width of the bag is 500mm(20 inches),length is 1000mm(40 inches). Mesh size is available from 3mm to 23mm. And the standard weight is 550gram,700gram,750gram,800gram,850gram per unit.

We also supply the  customized oyster bags,according to customer's request.

The material of our sealed oyster mesh bags is the 100% new nontoxic HDPE,with UV protection. The sealed oyster bag helps the farmers to grow oysters highly effective.

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